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Specialists of the company have developed TUU 28.7-26209430-092:2012 «steel ropes eight strands type of PC» on special features of ropes with the improved characteristics of round plastic compressed strands such as a PC, intended for equipment of:
various load-lifting machines, including excavators - link 1 and link 2
drilling rigs - link 3
metallurgical and port cranes - link 4 , link  5 and link 6
of fishing vessels - link 7
silo lifting facilities - link 8
earth-moving machinery - link 9

The peculiarity of these cables is that it locks consist of wires, which have shaped profile, fill the intervals between the wires and improve the structural density of the strands. Shaped profile is obtained as a result of the round plastic reduction of round wire strands, in which the linear contact of wires in strands is transformed into a strip, because the rope with plastic compressed strands received abbreviation - PC.

High tensile strength, which is 15-20 % higher than that of the ropes manufactured according to GOST, as well as greater wear resistance of wires and strands in the rope at the expense of reduction of contact stress between the wires are another advantage of the ropes, and allow to increase service life of the rope, and significantly reduce its operating costs.